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The Rug Recipe

Rug making is an intricate art and skill that is inherited over generations and is an asset that is only limited to a few regions and cultures. The handmade rug industry employs thousands of impressively skilled artisans. They are truly the heroes behind the scenes.

“Behind each carpet is an extraordinary story that is depicted beautifully in

these pieces of art"

From a concept to a rug:

To create a beautiful rug the most important thing is to know about the different types of weaving styles and constructions there are. You must be thinking that this information is not very easily available on the web and you will never be able to design a rug by yourself. That's when we come in the picture. We post regular information, images, videos of the processes that take place behind the scenes while we are working to deliver the most innovative and beautiful rugs to you.

Follow us on Youtube and instagram to get regular clips and information that will help you clarify just how exactly rugs are made which in turn will help you think more creatively when designing your rugs.

Checkout our video on The Art of Making Handloom Rugs!

Experience with us, the journey of rug making and fall in love with the process of creating a beautiful product!

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