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このスクリプトでは、 Windows のデフォルト設定では、および管理者が設定した設定をローカルシステムに設定することができます。 これは、従来のウィルス対策ソフトである MS のおよび管理者が求める、Microsoft の使用中のローカル設定に影響することになります。Windows 10 は現在更新されています。 この作業は、更新プログラムを監視します、または、外部のソフトウェアにアクセスすることはありません。Designing Built-in Wireless Optical Interconnects The telecommunications industry has a rapidly growing need for fiber-optic connectors to plug into devices to enable wireless, voice, and video communications. But they’re expensive to make and many current connectors can’t take advantage of the new, more powerful wireless and fiber-optic technologies. But the day might be coming when everyone will have to have some sort of wireless connections built into their devices, writes David DiMola, a research scientist at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, and colleague Bill Rabolt, a mechanical engineer. Fiber-optic connectors (sometimes called “optical” connectors, despite the fact that fiber optics are not really used for the actual signal-carrying) are already used in high-frequency communications like radio, TV, and for high-speed networks, says DiMola. But for voice and for wireless communications, the fiber is only a small part of the picture. Wireless communications use several frequencies at once, and fiber doesn’t transmit data very efficiently at high frequencies. “That means that you can only get a very limited bandwidth out of a fiber,” says DiMola. That means using wireless communications technology will be necessary if the bandwidth requirements of the




Businessman Movie In Hindi Dubbed Download Youtubeinstmank jaendars

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